B&B Opinion: Taylor’s Fatal Flaw, Hating on Ridge, and Don’t Forget — When a Logan Cheats, it’s ‘Destiny’

Déjà vu All Over Again as Ridge Goes Home to Brooke, Taylor Gets Dropped and Donna and Eric Go Public

The week of July 4-8, The Bold and the Beautiful got back to their storyline roots in scenes that were oddly familiar to longtime viewers. Ridge dropped Taylor like a hot potato, Donna and Eric came out as a couple to the family, while Quinn and Carter engaged in some sexual healing. Haven’t we seen this all before?

Ridge & Brooke reunite, but Taylor wastes no time on tears

B&B is guided by two truths. First is that Brooke will always make a mistake and screw things up for herself. It’s her fatal flaw, which makes her consistent and relatable.

The second truth is that eternal indecisive man baby Ridge will always leave Brooke, run to Taylor and then turn around and leave Taylor in the dust.

Let’s face it. Despite the renewed chemistry between Ridge and Taylor, he was always going to go back to Brooke. It’s as certain as death and taxes.

Nevertheless, I get mad every time Brooke apologizes to Ridge. She’s groveled more than once and he just gives her his standard blank look and offers no commitment to their marriage. No man should treat his wife like that.

If your husband who left you over something you didn’t do intentionally and still won’t come home when the psycho who hates you is on the loose, it’s time to call your lawyer and a locksmith. Makes sense in real life, so why not on a soap?

brooke ridge reunion kiss close bold beautiful

I’ve never hated Ridge more (this week edition)

Listening to this lame explanation of why Ridge is going back to his actual wife was so unsatisfying. Ridge left Brooke when her sobriety was in crisis, but now he’s back for her broken ankle? That’s anything but romantic.

Even though we’ve seen this scene many times over the years, the look on Taylor’s face when Ridge told her he and Brooke were back together was crushing.

Taylor may be a very smart, intuitive woman but boy, is she dumb when it comes to love. That’s the fatal flaw that makes me care about her.

Ridge’s reassurances that his family with Taylor will always be a priority fell on deaf ears. Taylor held her own and refused a goodbye hug. She must feel like such a chump for falling for this yet again.

“I will never turn my back on you,” said the schmuck turning his back on Taylor.

Goodbye and good riddance.

What else could Taylor do besides pine for Ridge?

Taylor and Thomas have great chemistry. I almost wish they weren’t mother and son. But they are and they’re both in storyline limbo, camping out at Steffy’s one-room mansion.

So give these unlikely roomies more to do than talk about Steffy. Taylor must know some unlucky girl who would want to date her troubled son and Thomas must have a friend with a single dad to set Taylor up with.

Let’s have some light-hearted bad dates fun for a little while.

tay hurt by ridge bold beautiful


Jack returns, clueless as ever

Finn’s dad Jack Finnegan came back to Los Angeles this week looking for Li. He’s got no clue where Li went off to or where his son is buried. More red flags that no one sees.

Taylor and Jack could team up to find Li and locate Finn’s alleged resting place, ultimately solving the mystery in the grand tradition of bickering detective shows like Hart to Hart and Moonlighting.

Imagine the drama if Jack and Taylor solved the mystery, nailed Sheila and then fell into bed. They try to keep it a secret and vow never to do it again, but of course Jack and Taylor would end up right back in the sack again.

Just as they decide they want to be a couple (Jaylor? Tack?), they’re caught and everyone finds out. Taylor still loves Ridge and Jack still loves Li, but they can’t stop thinking about each other. Cue the DRAMA!

jack looks for li bold and beautiful

Donna takes her place by Eric’s side & gets her job back

Eric threw an indoor pool party with an eclectic guest list to announce to everyone that he and Donna are reunited and it feels so good.

The Happy Homewrecker was deliriously happy, perched up on her Honey Geezer’s knee while all and sundry paid homage to the greatness of their love. Remember, when a Logan cheats, it’s “destiny.” Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

To cap off all the excitement over Liam’s famous chili, Eric announced that Donna would be returning to work at Forrester Creations, which really seemed to get the party going.

Two things: Eric is the only Forrester getting any? That doesn’t make sense. And wasn’t Donna a receptionist? Major gold-digger fail.

What should happen next? Check out my alternate storytelling piece from last week, detailing how Quinn could take revenge on Eric and Donna with the help of an unlikely partner!

eric donna bbq B&B

Quinn and Carter make up for lost time

If I can get over Quinn’s kidnapping and cliff-pushing, I guess I can get over Carter’s cowardice and malicious misuse of Paris.

This week, he did the semi-honorable thing and faced the jilted bride. Carter kinda-sorta apologized for using Paris, so I guess they’re cool now.

Quinn, about Paris: “She’s young. She’s pretty. She’s relatively talented.”

carter sorry paris bold and beautiful


I’ve never understood the character of Paris. What does she want out of life? What are her goals?

Or is she just the romantic interloper plot device she’s always been? The character and the actress are capable of more.

I love when characters are contradictory and make mistakes. They’re supposed to be human and create drama. But timing is everything.

Paris got left at the altar like 15 minutes ago and Zende was there offering rides home and coming on strong. Now they’re together at the indoor pool party. B&B is anything but subtle when it comes to couples.

What should happen next? Give us a fun story arc of Carter and Quinn before they fade to the background again. A light-hearted caper where we see them bond and work together as a couple… outside the bedroom.

Paris could leave town for a while on a special assignment with Zende at Forrester International. A few months later, she calls Carter and wants to see him. They meet at Il Giardino.

Paris stands up and is visibly pregnant. Carter admits to Quinn that he and Paris had sex before the wedding but he used protection. Quinn reminds him that condoms are not 100% effective.

When Zende returns, it’s obvious that he’s the baby daddy. Paris is just using her pregnancy to try to break up Quinn and Carter. Fair play, I say.

Are Quinn and Carter for good?

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Sheila saves Finn’s life, but she’s losing her grip

After all this time, Sheila should be better at being Sheila, not worse. Has the dangerous woman we once knew been softened by time and experience? I hope not!

The once menacing nurse still has her moments but now she’s mostly just annoying. Petulant, whiny Sheila is not my favorite Sheila.

It’s time to crank her up to REALLY SCARY and maybe then we’ve got a compelling story.

Sheila, to an argumentative Finn: “Just do what mommy says!”

THERE SHE IS! There’s the Sheila we know!

Finn wasted no time in remembering everything, including that Sheila shot him. This should be the moment Sheila decides to tell an elaborate lie blaming everything on Steffy. Build up the suspense and put some meat into this story!

Instead, Sheila just blurted out everything to her shocked son. Why does Sheila have such a problem keeping her mouth shut now? Why do the writers keep rushing the good stuff?

What should happen next? I wouldn’t mind a bit of a Misery plot with Sheila and Finn for a little bit. Finn wants to get to Steffy but mommy drugs him to keep him from exposing her crimes. Make Sheila scary again!

Will Finn escape and reunite with Steffy?

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I have questions, do you have answers?

Does anyone think about Steffy as much as Liam does? How does Hope put up with her husband’s borderline obsession with his ex-wife?

Are Ridge’s repeated lines about taking care of Sheila himself going somewhere? A murder mystery and court trial would be a nice break from the “he’s my destiny” merry-go-round.

liam shirtless with wife bold and beautiful

What do you think? Have Brooke and Ridge made a solid bridge or will it collapse in time? Will Quinn and Carter stay in sexual bliss? Will Finn escape Sheila’s clutches and make his way back to Steffy? Like and comment below, then follow me on Twitter @mattFarris.