B&B Opinion: Steffy’s Victory Lap, Carter and Katie’s Insta-Romance, Brooke Hits Rock Bottom & Alternative Story Ideas

Hey, did you know that Tridge are back together?!

Last week, Steffy’s nagging and manipulation got Ridge and Taylor back together, leaving Brooke kicked to the curb.

This week, Steffy came back to tell everyone that Ridge and Taylor are back and all is right with the world. Woo-hoo! Advantage to Team Forrester!

Meanwhile, Brooke was trying to figure out what was going on and Carter and Katie got together faster than you can say “Quinn who?”

quinn dark with carter BOLD


Gruesome Two-some

Are you enjoying watching two grown adults having gossip sessions to determine if their parents “reconnected?” I find it laughable – in a very bad way.

I’m just going to say what a lot of you are probably thinking: Steffy and Thomas are grating on my last nerve. This gruesome two-some has no rooting value.

It pains me to say it!

In fact, I want them to both suffer when everyone learns that Thomas made the call to CPS and that Ridge and Taylor know Thomas knew that Sheila switched Brooke’s champagne bottle labels, leading to her drunken kiss with Deacon.

Seems like it should have come up by now, doesn’t it?

Look, I’m not a stan for any character because it’s all about the ensemble for me. But how can I not side with Brooke, who got dumped thanks to her scheming step-children?

Whose side are you on in the latest battle for The Dressmaker?

thomas hot over parents reunited BOLD

Steffy headed for a fall?

On another show, I would know that Steffy and Thomas’s cold-blooded victory would be followed by the two of them having a major downfall with lasting consequences.

On this show, who knows?

Wouldn’t be the first time a Forrester went unpunished for their crimes, right Taylor?

And speaking of Taylor here’s some wisdom for the good doctor: reuniting with Ridge, who has walked out on his wife AGAIN, is hardly a miracle.

Infidelity is a way of life for this putz!

tay with ridge sex bold

What should happen next?

A player like Ridge, who’s been sowing seed left and right since the 80s should have had a surprise kid pop up by now.

So why not have Ridge discover that he’s got an illegitimate daughter (I’m calling her Cindy) whose mother has taken a hike?

He brings Cindy to Fort Forrester and she likes what she sees – especially Finn!

Cindy ends up doing a Single White Female on a new sister that lands Steffy in a coma (for the next leave) and Cindy tries to take her place with Finn.


shirtless finn phone bold and the beautiful

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B&B opinion: Disappointed by Predictable writing

Recent comings and goings

Romance fell from the sky!

There’s not much to say about Katie and Carter (Karter? Catie? Crater?) because there’s not much there.

Katie is just the latest woman Carter has “connected with” at work for no particular reason other than his good looks and every B&B woman’s inherent need to fix broken men.

I’m not against this insta-romance but I can’t get into Carter and Katie as a couple after a few kisses and throw-away lines about Quinn’s sudden exit.

katie carter kiss after dumping bold beautiful

What should have happened

Carter should at least have a couple of moments where he pulls away from Katie because it’s too soon after Quinn.

Or better yet, Carter realizes the enormity of his romantic failures and decides he’s just going to live in the moment and date fashion models and drive hot cars!

Then Carter starts popping pills to keep up with the workload and starts to make expensive mistakes at Forrester Creations.

Give Carter and Katie conflict to work through before we hear wedding bells if you want me to care about this couple!

cater touches katie hand BOLD

Brooke Logan, confused chemist

B&B likes dumbing-down characters to make a story work, and that’s what’s happening in Brooke’s latest round of “Why did Ridge leave me for Taylor?”

Brooke has been playing the Ridge long game for decades. So why is all seem brand-new to her? Shouldn’t Brooke know exactly what’s happening and how to fix it?

I suspect that her method would involve a collection of Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie and certain ways Brooke “reconnects” with Ridge that Taylor doesn’t if you get my drift.

brooke is confused about the dumping BOLD

What should NOT happen next?

For the love of Susan Flannery, do not throw Brooke and Bill back together, even if he’s just her “knight in shining armor.”

It never occurs to any of these B&B men that a woman in distress can work through her problem all by herself, does it?

So what if Brooke ends up doing something crazy like cutting her own bangs or getting a tattoo or setting Ridge’s clothes on fire in the driveway?

Men treating women like fragile china dolls is in B&B’s DNA, but it’s high time for a change. Let Brooke take care of herself!

bill hugs heart broken brooke bold beautiful

One last thing…

I don’t usually talk about real people in this column, but I’m making an exception this week – and for good reason!

Katherine Kelly Lang, who has played Brooke Logan consistently since 1987, secured her spot in the soap opera hall of fame with this past week’s scenes that found Brooke alone and struggling not to drink.

I suspended my disbelief that Brooke can’t snap her fingers and get Ridge running back or that a recovering alcoholic would choose to have a vodka bottle staring her in the face every day.

KKL was so good that, for once, I did not care about the details that I usually obsess over!

If this underestimated powerhouse of a performer does not get nominated for Best Actress this year, there is no justice in soap opera land.

brooke cries heart out to liam Bold beautiful

Quote of the week!

Steffy, about Quinn: “Her jewelry line did exceptionally well for Forrester, so on that level she will be missed.”


steffy snooty to hope bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

What do you think? Will Steffy ever get back to her own life?

Will Carter and Katie get to the altar? Will Brooke get smart and hatch a plan? 

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!