B&B Opinion: Looking Forward to Ridge and Taylor’s Humiliation & Bill’s Alternate Storyline

Ridge Convinces Brooke to Sign Annulment Papers, Hope Turns a Blind Eye to Thomas, Bill Needs Something to Do and More Alternative Story Ideas

Countdown to the next wedding 

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, everyone was celebrating the latest Hope for the Future fashion show, Brooke still didn’t know why Ridge left her and Liam was trying to make Hope see that Thomas is up to no good.

This week, Brooke finally gave in and signed Ridge’s magical express annulment papers, Donna was reminded that Douglas has a phone app that imitates voices and Hope and Liam made amends – but she kept mum about Thomas trying to kiss her. 

In short, one couple broke up (Ridge and Brooke), one couple made up (Liam and Hope) and one couple started their sprint to the altar (Ridge and Taylor).

brooke's annulment papers bold and beautiful

Ridge’s passive aggression

Ridge took passive aggression to a whole new level this week when he stopped by Brooke’s house to convince her that their marriage was over.

I hope you weren’t betting on this being the moment that Ridge would finally tell Brooke about the CPS call!

The Dressmaker, as mopey and blank-faced as ever, again refused to tell the woman that he’s spent the better part of three decades with why he’s left her AGAIN.

But you know how much Ridge loves seeing a woman tearfully beg him to stay with her!

In a strange way, this has me more invested in the story. I can’t wait to see Ridge and Taylor be utterly humiliated when the truth about Thomas comes out.

What do you think? Will anyone ever find out that Thomas made the call?

ridge cant get past brooke's betrayal divorce bold and beautiful

Brooke’s man-trapping skills

Do you wonder if maybe Ridge doesn’t want to tell Brooke why he left because he knows what will happen if he does – Brooke will work her sex magic and get him to stay, at least for a while?

Brooke has honed her skills in man-trapping with years of experience and a whole lot of Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie. Bagging grandpa Ridge should be a cakewalk for Brooke!

Ridge must know that, but he can’t have it because he’s been mentally out the door and in Taylor’s bed since New Year’s Day.

So, for now, he’ll just stay silent and stoic in the face of Brooke’s tears, like the selfish prick he is.

You know I’m right about this!

brooke's bedroom bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Don’t hold me accountable

To make it even more painful for Brooke, Ridge stuck the knife in deeper when he gave her his standard “my heart belongs to two women so don’t hold me accountable for my actions” line.

You and I know that this oft-repeated lined about having two loves is just Ridge’s cowardly way of not taking responsibility for his own choices.

Again I ask: is Ridge supposed to be a romantic hero?

ridge cries annulment bold and beautiful

Steffy and Thomas greased the wheels

Sure, Wednesday and Pugsley… erm… Steffy and Thomas, launched their own full-force campaign to get Ridge and Taylor back together, but did they really have to do much? 

If anything, they just greased the wheels to get the old marriage-go-round spinning again. Steffy and Thomas may have helped things along, but it was always going to end up like this, one way or another.

ridge talks to kids about the annulment with broke bold beautiful

Enough with the wife-swapping

If the writers had any sense, this annulment would be the end of Ridge and Brooke. 

The actors have better chemistry with other partners that should be capitalized on for compelling story. 

Soap writers sometimes have to take a leap of faith and move on to something new and better.

I think letting Ridge and Brooke stay apart will bring out the best in the characters and the actors.

In the meantime, we need a hot new leading man for Brooke. Does anyone know a handsome rich dude who’s not carrying a torch for one of Brooke’s sisters? (Maybe ex-OLTL star Tuc Watkins could make a return to daytime?)

tuc watkins love interest for brooke bold beautiful
Robert Kazandjian

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B&B opinion: Brooke’s Man-Trapping Skills

Recent comings and goings

A new beginning for Brooke

For the love of Susan Flannery, let Brooke’s determination to prove that Thomas is up to no good be the end of sad and weepy Brooke… and the return of ruthless Brooke for a while.

The brunette family has stolen her husband and bewitched her daughter, so enough with the tears. Let’s get to making those Forresters pay for what they’ve done!

I know I’m not the only one who misses Brooke the vixen taking her enemies down a peg!


brooke begs crumbs ridge stoic bold and beautiful

Logan women, assemble

Brooke could call a meeting of the Logan coven (I say that with love and admiration for them) and they decide to start doing some amateur investigating for their big sister. 

Donna could bug the Forrester living room, which could cause problems when Eric finds out. Katie could follow Thomas around, which could cause problems when Carter finds out. 

Donna could even surprise everyone by being the first to connect the CPS call nonsense to the voice change app on Douglas’s phone.

Donna races to Brooke’s house to tell her sister the whole ugly truth. But just as Donna is about to grab the door handle, Thomas pops up behind her, chloroforms her and drags her to his car. 

Later, Eric comes home to find Donna’s closet empty and gets an odd voicemail message from “Donna” saying that she’s left town and not to contact her.


donna tells sis ridge in aspen bold

Smart women, foolish choices

I don’t like seeing smart women being fooled by unworthy men, especially one who’s done what Thomas has done to Hope.

With her combo of Brooke’s and Deacon’s DNA, Hope should be a chip off both of the old blocks – smart, savvy, and suspicious of everyone!

So why can’t Hope see through the thin veneer of respectability that Thomas has covered himself in?

My theory is that Hope does see what’s going on and is turning a blind eye because she wants to believe that Thomas is no longer a threat to her.

This self-sacrificing spin would make sense for Hope and make her actions understandable without lowering her I.Q. 

I can’t think of another way to explain this odd soft spot Hope has for Thomas.

hope focus on thomas BOLD

Alternate storytelling

Bill Spencer, handsome, charismatic and not always kind billionaire needs more to do than be a shoulder for Brooke to cry on. He needs a story that takes advantage of all that he is – good and bad.

One idea is that Bill could go after Ridge and the Forresters to avenge Brooke and hit them where it hurts – their bank account.

Steffy and Thomas could find out that their primary fabric supplier has a new owner who is visiting Los Angeles and wants to meet Steffy and renegotiate their deal. 

Steffy comes prepared to meet the new guy and work on a better deal for Forrester Creations. 


When Steffy walks into the meeting, it’s Bill who spins around in the executive chair! He tells his former lover that his fabric company will no longer be dealing with the Forresters.

Good luck getting your orders to Fenmore’s department stores!


bill talks preview bold

Quote of the week!

Brooke, to Hope: “The reason Ridge and I are ending our marriage is because of Thomas.”


What do you think? 

Will Brooke figure out what Thomas did to ruin her marriage?

Will Ridge and Taylor make it to the altar?

brooke blames thomas marital discord bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!