B&B Opinion: How Quinn’s Revenge Against Eric & Donna ‘Should’ go Down

B&B opinion — what we think should happen next!

Alternate Storytelling: Quinn’s revenge against Eric & Donna

I had a great conversation with Twitter’s @hananazizi77, who brought up a good point—how will the Forresters react to Donna becoming the matriarch of their clan again? Here’s the scenario we Twitter-collabed on:

Eric announces that he and Donna are getting married again. Obviously, this does not go down well with the anyone. Even Brooke has her reservations. Donna gets Quinn’s stuff taken out and throws Quinn’s portrait in the trash.

Quinn comes to the Forrester mansion and sees all of her belongings in the driveway. She has words with Donna, who can’t help but gloat and announce that she’s the new queen of the castle, complete with an executive job at Forrester Creations.

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Without consulting anyone, Donna tells a reporter that they are dumping Quinn’s jewelry line. Chaos ensues for Forrester Creations.

After having decided to go soft on Eric (every pun intended) in the divorce, Quinn tells her lawyer that she wants something. Quinn ends up with a chunk of Forrester stock. Carter is concerned that Quinn is obsessing and it affects their relationship.

History is repeating itself—Eric and Donna’s first marriage negatively impacted the family and the company. It’s happening again but Eric is too besotted to see it.

Steffy is fuming that she’s got to work with Donna now. Eric and Taylor both encourage Steffy to work with Donna, but they butt heads regularly.

steffy condescending to Hope bold and beautiful recaps

Finn tells Steffy that she should leave and start her own company, but she answers that Forrester Creations is her legacy and she will fight for it. Putting business above family affects their marriage.

Ridge is equally frustrated with Donna and her lack of basic understanding of the fashion business. Donna’s blunders have cost the company dearly. Ridge wants her out, but Eric insists that she stays.

Quinn gets a phone call from the Forrester offices. She’s wanted at an after-hours meeting but she doesn’t know who with. She agrees on the condition that Carter comes with her.

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They arrive at the offices and are surprised to find that the meeting is with Steffy. She tells Quinn and Carter how Donna is screwing up the company and its reputation. Eric is too blind to see it. Something must be done.

Steffy lays out the plan for she and Quinn to combine their stock with whoever else (maybe a newly returned Thorne or Rick?) to get a controlling interest. Quinn says it will never work. Steffy says she will take care of the details.

Carter is against screwing over his father figure and his brother’s birth mother. Carter gives Quinn a chance to leave with him, but she doesn’t. Quinn and Steffy acknowledge that they don’t like each other, but they’re going to trust each other. They shake on it.

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Ridge and Taylor learn of Steffy’s deal with Quinn and have opposing views. Taylor thinks they should all talk it out. Ridge says the time for talking is done.

Steffy calls a family meeting and announces that she has control of the company with her co-CEO, Quinn. Everyone is shocked. Donna is fired immediately and a story is going to run the next day blaming all of the problems on her.

Eric is furious and demands Steffy relinquish control and kill the story. Steffy refuses and Eric resigns. Steffy remains stoic but she’s obviously shaken. Taylor is on Eric’s side and tells her daughter she’s gone too far.

A fashion news story is published about a new golden age of Forrester Creations with Steffy and Quinn at the helm. But behind closed doors, the Logans and the Forresters have been torn apart. How will they make it through all this DRAMA?

What do you think? Are Eric and Donna together forever this time? Will #Quarter 2.0 be hotter than the original? Will Paris get some well-deserved revenge? Like and comment below, then follow me on Twitter @mattFarris.