B&B Opinion: Hypocrisy and Serial Monogamy Take Center Stage as Quinn and Carter Reunite

 Bold and Beautiful opinion June 25-29

This week, Eric chose Donna and sent Quinn to claim Carter, leaving a humiliated Paris at the altar and all five wedding guests not exactly shocked. Yep, that’s basically all that happened this week.

Paris goes from one humiliation to another and loses her man

I know that men humiliating women in love is B&B’s jam, but every time Carter assured Paris he loved her, and we know that he knows he doesn’t, I just hate him more.

I could maybe kinda sorta be on Carter’s side if he actually did have some feelings for Paris and had good intentions. As is, Carter is the villain in this story.

paris meltdown wedding ruined bold beautiful

So what was the point of Grace?

Russian playwright Anton Chekov said “If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.”

Grace was that unfired pistol, just sitting there at the wedding doing nothing. So why did they put her there?

She didn’t stand up to disapprove. She didn’t fake a heart attack to stop the vows. She didn’t do the I-told-you-so dance when Quinn busted the whole thing. She just smirked.

 What was the point of having Paris’s unhinged mother front and center if Grace wasn’t going to make a fuss and disrupt the wedding?

 Wishful thinking: Grace could have tried to stand up but is prevented by Zende, showing instead of telling that he’s a good guy who cares about Paris.

This subplot would also have benefited from Grace and Quinn having a chat or two about mutual interests. They’re both determined women who didn’t want this marriage to happen.

wedding stopper quinn bold beautiful


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B&B Opinion: How Quinn’s revenge against Eric & Donna should go


The Happy Homewrecker gets her man—with very little drama

Now that Eric and Donna are official, I’m changing her nickname to The Happy Homewrecker. Because when she’s not crying in her lingerie, Donna is deliriously happy and she is actually a homewrecker.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind Donna’s giggling schoolgirl attitude. It fits the one-dimensional bimbo she’s been re-written as in the post-Bill Bell era. The problem is that every woman on this show, who all have multiple marriages under their Gucci belts, is incredibly naïve when it comes to affairs of the heart.

After a surprisingly adult, mature and kinda dull resolution to their marriage, Eric encouraged Quinn to go after Carter. Il Giardino is just down the beach! Wait a minute, wasn’t the restaurant up in Beverly Hills when Steffy got shot a few weeks ago?

Now that Quinn caught them and gave back just one of her rings (SMART!), Eric told a delighted Donna that he’s “ready for us.” Oh, now he’s ready.

donna tells katie new man bold and beautiful

These folks just love serial monogamy. When was the last time any of them ended a relationship to be single?

Donna could hardly contain herself as she raced to share her news with her sister. Katie was surprised, for some reason and encouraged her sister to share all the gory details.

Donna to Katie: “We were very discreet. Until today.”

Lady, you got busted by a mouthy waiter and an unlocked door. Amateur move for a pro heaux or did she want them to get caught?

But wait—there’s more hypocrisy to come from the middle Logan.

Donna to Katie: “Our relationship was never anything sordid.”

Says the heaux who just ran out of a married man’s hotel room with her dress half on. Bold and Beautiful glorifies some infidelity but makes others the sin of all sins.

Wishful thinking: Let’s get a scene of Quinn telling Donna “We have unfinished business.” Is psycho revenge Quinn back? Should Donna be scared? Then there would be some stakes and some drama.

donna in her bumpit no remorse affair bold beautiful

Right or wrong, Quinn could make Eric and all of the Forresters suffer in divorce court and the court of public opinion. Would Donna be so interested in her Honey Bear if he was broke?

Will Eric and Donna make it to the altar?

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