B&B Opinion: Harpies to Catty Psychos, B&B’s Soapy Messy Characters Amused, Annoyed and Confused

Bold and Beautiful opinion from complaints to temper tantrums.

The show is called Bold and the Beautiful, and but there have been times when I’ve referred to it as the Hopeless and the Insecure, or the Weak and the Ignorant.  We’re always complaining about how we wish some of the characters were more self-aware, or less hypocritical. We complain, nobody listens. We continue to watch and laugh because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry. 

From harpies to catty psychos, at least Bold and the Beautiful knows how to keep their characters a soapy mess. Still, I long for fashion shows, fashion house rivalries, and Bikini Bar scenes, but instead, we’ve had a grandfather with penile issues, licking honey off of a woman’s finger who was into that rather than being into the show’s hottest stud Carter. And if that wasn’t surprising, we had a grown woman whining to her mother and step-father that she wants to give her bio dad a chance and then throwing a temper tantrum when they give her an unequivocal no. As if somehow they should get a vote. 

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We’ve sat through a lot of comparisons between Deacon and Sheila but we all know that nobody, literally nobody is worse than Sheila Carter…Well, except perhaps Days of our Lives’ Kristen DiMera. While this Deacon and Sheila storyline might have fared better if Bridget was on the scene, at least we get Taylor thrown into the mix this December. Krista Allen will take on the role on December 10. 

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