B&B Opinion: A Shock Return for the Logans, Ridge Gets a Blast from the Past, Bill’s Mystery Illness and More Alternative Storytelling

 Bold opinion for the week of Dec 19-23!

No drama for us this week

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila hit the road for parts unknown, Bill continued to pester Katie, and new besties Brooke and Taylor both came to the stunning decision to reject Ridge.

This week, Sheila escaped a silly-even-by-soap-opera-standards police chase, Katie got good news at her annual check-up and the Forresters hosted their drama-free Christmas party – which was strangely lacking in actual Forresters.

In other words, not a whole lot to talk about this week.

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Let’s take a break from complaining

Maybe it’s holiday cheer, or maybe it’s the rum horchata cocktail I’m sipping as I write this, but I’m tired of complaining about this show.

Today I’m thinking of the people who work behind the scenes of B&B, folks whose names and jobs most of us don’t know. 

So, in honor of the folks that help bring the Forresters, Logans and Spencers to life all year long, I’m taking a break from my usual moaning and groaning.

Instead, I’m giving you a peek at my wish list for B&B in the coming year. 

Let’s jump in!

A miracle for the Logans

Killing off Storm, the only brother in the Logan family, was a big mistake. 

Storm had gone way off the rails before he accidentally shot Katie in the heart, leaving his sister at death’s door. 

Overcome with guilt for what he had done, Storm shot himself in the head so his heart could be transplanted to Katie.

Side note: what is it with this show and noble suicides?

storm and katie bold and beautiful

Storm on the horizon

Storm’s death was an effective shock but came at too high a price. Sacrificing characters for story shock is a bad habit for B&B.

Not only was Brooke, Donna and Katie’s brother a viable if flawed romantic lead, Storm hated the Forresters and never really got over his ex-girlfriend Taylor.

So, my wish for the Logan sisters is the miraculous return from the dead of their troubled big brother.

Blame it on Prince Omar! 

Sure, Katie allegedly has Storm’s heart now, but so what?

A not-dead Taylor was switched out for a wax dummy, so it’s not outside the boundaries of reality to bring back a man who is literally heartless.

Just say it was another one of Prince Omar’s creepy pranks!

katie flashback to getting storm's heart B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Storm and Taylor could be magic again

Let Storm have a new heart or be a forgotten twin named Thunder or whatever.

Just bring him back, put him in Taylor’s orbit and sort it out later – the way B&B typically does things.

Not only could a resurrected Storm inject new energy into any of the stories involving his sisters, pursuing Taylor again would put him in a love quadrangle with Ridge and Brooke, his own sister.

It would liven up the story with just a dash of that incest-adjacent vibe this show seems to love.

storm logan william devry

Ridge goes on a downward spiral

Ridge might be the most outdated and problematic romantic lead character on daytime television. He refuses to change his heartbreaker ways, but at the same time is a sad shadow of the dynamic horndog he used to be.

Let’s face it, Ridge was garbage from the jump.

But he was a lot more interesting and drove more story when he was an unabashed bed-hopping hound in a Speedo. 

So, here’s my wish for The Dressmaker: a full-blown mid-life crisis that leads him to mess up his relationships at work and home, ultimately leading to a surprising blast from the past.

ridge smiles when parent trapped Bold beautiful

Make Ridge sleazy again!

Hear me out! 

My hope that Ridge goes on a downward spiral is only in the interest of good story and has nothing to do with his just desserts or my utter loathing of this character.

Now would be a good time for him to try out living as a rich and single playboy again, with unexpected results.

In my story idea, Ridge decides to dig out the old little black book out (ask your grandparents what that is if you don’t know) and looks up some old… erm… friends.

ridge happy see brooke bold beautiful

Ridge gets a blast from the past

After weeks of dates and causal encounters with faces from the past, Ridge is still feeling “untethered.” 

Ridge decides this was a bad idea and decides to put his little black book and the past away. As he tosses it in the trash, a slip of paper floats out.

Written on it is the name Alex Simpson and a phone number, with a lipstick kiss.

ridge and alex bold and beautiful

Who was Alex Simpson?

You might remember Alex was a journalist and occasional bed buddy Ridge cheated on Caroline with way back when the bride-to-be nixed the idea of pre-marital sex.

Ridge decides to call the number, not expecting it to still work.

The phone is answered by a woman named Jenny who says she’s Alex’s daughter. Ridge is stunned when Jenny tells him her mother died a few years ago.

Even more surprising is Ridge’s grandmother and Eric’s mother was named Jenny (or whatever it was). Alex knew this, so Ridge is left wondering if Jenny Simpson is his daughter.

But Storm also had a relationship with Alex. Is Jenny a Forrester or is she a Logan?

alex simpson bold and beautiful

Steffy makes a new enemy

Steffy hears about Jenny and assumes she’s some random woman taking advantage of Ridge. Pam figures out Jenny is Alex Simpson’s daughter and wonders if she should tell Steffy.

In the meantime, a showdown between Steffy and Jenny ensues, kicking off a new rivalry between the maybe-sisters!

steffy runs into sheila bold beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

An actual story for Deacon and Sheila

It pains me to say it, but I just don’t believe that Sheila is “capable of anything” anymore.

Actions speak louder than words, and lately, all Nurse Carter does is talk big.

I also don’t buy that Deacon, however reformed The Convict claims to be, isn’t tempted by the idea of running off with Sheila and her money, flipping the bird to everyone as he leaves. 

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B&B opinion: Bill’s personality shift

Recent comings and goings


Make Sheila scary again!

Sheila’s latest escapades should have everyone on edge, but it hasn’t even interrupted Brooke’s tea party schedule.

Aside from Steffy and Finn, are you getting the sense that anyone is scared Sheila’s on the loose?

In my story idea, Deacon is relieved Sheila seems to have left town, but there’s still that mountain of cash she mentioned. The idea of all that cash has Deacon up at night.

A guy like Deacon should be having a moral struggle with his choices. Should he grab the cash and dash, or stay in L.A. and try to be a worthy member of a family he’s disappointed before?

Just when Deacon makes up his mind to stay in L.A. and be worthy of Hope’s love, he gets a message from Sheila. 

She’s got the money and she wants to meet!

sheila laughs as she's being chased B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Bill Spencer, aka Dollar Bill

Bill, who was once such a powerhouse of masculinity and business acumen that Ridge was actually threatened by him, is now spending his days gossiping with his sons and his evenings begging either of two sisters to come back to him.

I’m starting to wonder if the increasingly erratic Bill is having some sort of mental health crisis. I have no idea what’s going on with this guy.

Bill isn’t stuck in a story so much as a situation. Let’s get him out of it.

bill necklace B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Bill’s mystery illness

What if Bill’s strange behavior was explained by revealing he had been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness that he was too proud to tell his loved ones? 

The normally confident stallion is facing his own mortality. A newly humbled Bill wants to make things right and take care of the people he loves before he exits this mortal coil.

That’s why Bill is throwing himself at both Brooke and Katie – he knows this is probably his last chance with either of them and he doesn’t want to die alone.

bill drinking booze bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Finn and Bridget are on the case

This story idea would also pull in doctors Finn and Bridget, who get a research endowment from an anonymous benefactor to work on a cure for the same illness Bill has.  

They assume Bill has pulled some sort of tax-evasion trickery to fund their research, but Bill denies it. So who is it investing all this cash to try and keep Bill from dying?

I’m keeping that answer in my pocket for another column!

bridget steffy's doctor bold beautiful

Steffy’s got a new Logan problem!

Finn and Bridget working long hours together in the lab could lead to a much-needed conflict in the SINN marriage. 

Long days in the medical lab lead to close moments between co-workers and eventually sexy time in the broom closet.

Uh-oh! Steffy’s got a whole new Logan problem!

finn shirtless dark bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

One more thing…

I still firmly believe B&B has the actors, the characters and the history to be the hottest, messiest, edgiest soap on television. It could be amazing.

So that’s the ultimate wish on my list – for the stories of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers to once again be a daily half hour of gloriously campy can’t-miss television.

What do you think? What’s your wish for your favorite character?

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!

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